More businesses are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious every day and are taking much-needed steps to protect our environment. The use of compostable cutlery is on the rise, in the deli and takeaway industry.

King Pack’s Eco-Friendly Cutlery range features compostable utensils that are made of natural materials, such as corn starch or Potato Starch. They are still a form of plastic, but because they are constructed from natural materials, they are known as bioplastics. These bioplastics decompose easier than traditional plastics that are developed from petroleum.

Corn-starch cutlery offers a sustainable option to conventional plastic cutlery. It is firm and sturdy and the texture feels great to eat with. They can be used with both cold and hot foods, with heat tolerance of up to 120° C. The Corn-Starch cutlery does not affect the flavour of the food.

Birchwood is another green material that is utilised for Eco-Cutlery. Birchwood is a hardwood that makes the utensils resistant to bending or breaking. The sanded finish prevents splinters and ensures the cutlery is comfortable to use. The utensils are entirely disposable and ideal for hot or cold meals and drinks.

Both the Corn-Starch and Birchwood eating utensils are fully biodegradable and compostable.

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