King Pack has a wide range of eco-friendly containers for serving ice cream and frozen yoghurt. The containers are constructed from various materials including KRAFT, PP, and LDPE. These are all materials that have been made from renewable and sustainable resources.

KRAFT paper is manufactured from pulp which is made of long virgin maritime pine fibres, making it wholly organic. King Pack’s Rustic Ice Cream Tub Range is constructed from unbleached (brown) KRAFT paper.

PP stands for polypropylene and is one of the most widely recycled polymers in South Africa. It is non-toxic, transparent and used for the lids of the dessert containers.

LDPE is a low-density polyethylene. This material is used to line the containers to prevent leakage and is totally food-friendly. All the containers have been double laminated to prevent condensation and the products are all freezer friendly and recyclable.

The King Pack Ice Cream range is one of the company’s fastest-moving items, with its fun vintage collection of patterned tubs, bamboo ice cream tubs, and a selection of uncoated natural birchwood spoons.

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