There is an increasing demand globally from environmentally conscious consumers for the phasing out of single-use plastic, especially in the deli and takeaway sectors.

King Pack’s eco-friendly salad bowl products are manufactured from sugar cane, plant starches, and paper board. The packaging offers a greener option than the traditional oil-based packaging made from non-renewable resources.

The moulded, modern look salad bowls and lids have a natural look and feel which are ideal for takeaway salads & deli meals, and are all eco-friendly.
The bowls feel like paper but are strong, leakproof and hold their shape. Both the Kraft & Paper salad and meal bowls are heat resistant, oil and water resistant, and are both microwave and freezer friendly.
The inclusion of a fine film of food-safe LDPE (low-density polyethylene) adds extra protection from leakage. The lids are also moulded for a perfect fit to eliminate seepage.

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