That essential morning cup of your favourite coffee might be just what the doctor ordered, but the disposal of the takeaway cups is proving to be an environmental nightmare.
Our landfills are choking with approximately 2 million used coffee cups per day. Even more alarming is the fact that it will take up to 30 years for most of those cups to decompose.
Most takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable, even though people put them in the recycling bins, they cannot be actually recycled and just get thrown away.
The reason for this is that most takeaway cups contain a plastic lining that cannot be detached easily during the recycling process.
King Pack’s range of Takeaway Coffee Cups is made from biodegradable paper and lined with food-safe PE.
Food-safe PE is best described as food-safe plastic. The phrase refers to any plastic suitable for contact with consumable food or beverage products. As some acidic foods or liquids can filter chemicals from their containers, it is important that they must be served in food-safe takeaway containers.
King Pack has the widest range of takeaway coffee cups and other hot beverage containers that are single wall, double wall or ripple construction with perfect fit lids. We also have espresso shot cups as well as a wide selection of colours to choose from.
Looking for custom branded coffee cups? Learn more about our custom branding for food packaging.

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