King Pack would like to offer your business a 100% bio-degradable solution and quality products for your Asian dishes in their new range of Noodle & Soup takeaway containers.
Serve favourite Asian dishes, such as noodles, egg fried rice, chow mein, stir-frys and soups, in the new range of takeaway containers from King Pack, combining both function and form with eco-friendly packaging.
Eco-friendly packaging is typically made from biodegradable, recycled material which reduces the waste of our natural resources for production.
Eco-friendly manufacturing processes tend to be more efficient, Bio-degradable packaging is eco-friendly which means that most production methods used produce the minimum of greenhouse gases and the materials that are used are sustainable and recyclable.
Eco-friendly manufacturing protects the planet and conserves natural resources. Products are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse, and recycling.
King Pack offers a great range of containers for both wet and dry foods. The eco-friendly Noodle & Soup containers are supplied with multi-fit lids that eliminate leakage when being transported.
Follow the growing trend, worldwide, of using eco-friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable for all your takeaway and deli containers.

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