Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable, as it is manufactured from pulp, which is made of long virgin maritime pine fibres, making it wholly organic. The Kraft paper breaks down into cellulose fibres within a few weeks. Most Kraft papers are home compostable unless they have been contaminated with oil or grease and should then be commercially disposed of.

Kraft paper products are known for their thickness and strength and have a high tear resistance. It is also a lightweight material making its use for packaging invaluable. Kraft paper comes in both bleached and unbleached colours. Brown or unbleached Kraft paper is most often used as wrapping or packaging material.

King Pack’s Kraft takeaway containers are made from 15 – 100% recycled paper and are also resistant to grease and oil, making it the perfect material for restaurants and takeaway outlets. King Pack’s range of Kraft products include pizza boxes, combo boxes, food truck containers, ice cream tubs, salad bowls and many more. All containers are lined with a natural coating making them leakproof, so suitable for all sauces and dressings.

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